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Continuum Analytics specializes in the niche distressed debt and value-add property market. We utilize state-of-the-art data-driven strategies for acquisitions. Our expertise span disparate industries including:

What we Do

We have a sophisticated data-driven analytical process to identify non-performing loans or value-add properties that can be stabilized with attractive risk adjusted returns. This analytical process gets us a head start on other competitors and enables us to find the right opportunities to pursue.


Our objective is to assist real estate focused investors in analyzing and acquiring assets with their desired risk vs. return tradeoff. We offer investors flexibility to pick from a wide array of opportunities that include short-term vs. long-term, cash flowing vs. upside deals with the ultimate goal of stabilizing the assets back to its full ‘undistressed’ value. This is not an unusual distressed real estate investing approach, but what separates our strategy is our use of sophisticated analytics for identifying properties that best fit the investment goals.


Our proprietary process relies on using a purpose-built set of state-of-the-art tools to determine true “fair priced” asset valuations based on publicly available data. Typical holders of non-performing notes and properties are not equipped to work through the difficulties of stabilizing the distressed assets to unlock that higher fair market value of the underlying real estate. Through our analytical process and our relationships with different brokers, banks, and lending sources, we have been able to identify and assist investors in acquiring many distressed assets. Since cost of acquisition of the distressed asset itself is discounted significantly when compared to ultimate stabilized value of the underlying real estate, there is potential for generating outsized risk-adjusted returns.

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