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From Customized to Comprehensive REO Solutions

Continuum Analytics ASSET MANAGEMENT
Continuum brings to the table vital experience, extensive industry relationships, a deep reservoir of data, and the most dynamic technology to provide clients the know-how and tools to manage and sell their real estate-owned assets (REO) quickly and profitably.

Continuum offers its clients customized service and support needed for managing their assets while they are on the market. The customized programs are tailored by CA to address the specific business needs of each client, and include:

  • * Securing your REO property
  • * Providing field services
  • * Maintaining assets
  • * Evaluating properties most appropriate for sale
  • * Handling and helping with short sales and auctions
  • * Assisting with evictions
  • * Offering title curative actions

Whether its valuations, invoice management, REO auctions or short sales, Continuum technology provides the tools that make disposing of REO assets easiest for our clients

As the market continues to produce REO assets, Continuum supports the efforts of our clients to keep pace and maintain cash flow. We know how to connect clients with the right brokers that can market properties so they sell quickly and for the best price.



Pick The Right Solution for You

With a variety of solutions, Continuum affords flexibility in selecting exactly the right valuation product to meet individual needs, based on cost considerations and tolerance for risk.

Whether the guaranteed security of a full traditional appraisal or review, or the speed, convenience and affordability of an automated product is needed, Continuum has a solution that will provide exactly the right balance of cost and security with a valuation you can trust.

Continuum assists in delivering independent, accurate valuations for use throughout the loan underwriting process in the following ways:

  • * Appraisal
  • * Evaluation
  • * Automated Valuation Products

CA offers access to a wide array of industry-supported appraisals, including FHA and Relocation appraisals. With such scope and a technologically-integrated process, Continuum provides lenders significant reductions in costs and cycle time.

A significant key to CA success is its highly trained network of more than 18,000 appraisers who are vetted through an intensive proprietary background, authentication and certification process.

Continuum’s spectrum of evaluation solutions can be matched to your specific needs, regardless of whether your valuation strategy is driven by cost, turnaround or in-depth analysis. Leveraging Continuum’s state of the art automated valuation model, you can find the best solution to generate a loan to property value or provide historical trends and data-driven analytics that give your company insight into projected future market conditions and property values.

A wide array of innovative, customized products and services, paired with exceptional client support has earned Continuum a solid reputation. The following evaluation product is available:

Automated Product:
Continuum’s AUTOMATED VALUATION MODELS (AVMs) Factor economic and local market conditions in your loan to property valuations with a fast turnaround. Continuum utilizes state of the art algorithms that provide orders of magnitude improvement in accuracy or reduction in comparable data set for estimating valuations.

Continuum delivers complete, fully detailed valuations for virtually any property type across the country. Continuum’s AVMs leverage our own vast property database and sophisticated underlying technology to help you make the most informed decision from a single, affordable source.

Whether you use our AVMs as your primary or secondary valuations, expect a tremendous boost in your efficiency with the following:

  • * Accelerated valuation process
  • * Increased productivity
  • * Improved risk management
  • * Maximized cost savings


Comprehensive Solutions for Servicers and Service Providers

Continuum’s Default Solutions offers administrative support services to mortgage servicers and portfolio managers. Through the active monitoring by its experienced staff of client-established processes, Continuum’s Default Solutions helps servicers to manage multiple vendors, control costs of servicing, drive improvements in quality and improve value for all stakeholders. Those include distressed fund managers, servicers and investors.

As a result of its tremendous economies of scale, Continuum’s Default Solutions also affords clients the opportunity to realize significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and performance. Through integration, information regarding a distressed loan can be managed on a single platform, allowing servicers and manager and vendors they select, to view and update one centralized, comprehensive technology system.

By bringing greater efficiencies to the default process, Continuum’s Default Solutions enables servicers to reallocate staff from foreclosure and bankruptcy tasks to loss mitigation, collections, and borrower contact programs.


Comprehensive, Accurate Data for More Informed Risk Management

RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS pools our comprehensive data and analytics to create not only powerful portfolio transparency but critical risk information for the all aspects of the mortgage and real estate businesses.

Comprehensive, accurate data is the necessary foundation for informed decision-making. Smart decisions are more important now than ever.

Continuum provides data and analytics products and services that grant access to loan-level data on many active first loans and second mortgages.

We also provide detailed real estate data from many property ownership records in several counties. We are constantly adding more data every month.

Let Continuum’s knowledge keep you ahead of your competition and operating at peak efficiency no matter when the market decides to change.

Continuum brings the company’s vast years of experience, unmatched technology and comprehensive mortgage database together for our clients benefit.

With such a powerful set of tools, Continuum can offer mortgage originators, servicers, investors the ability to understand the market like no one else. Data and analytics are available through subscription or customized reports.

Continuum receives data directly from title companies and servicers that account for multitude of distressed loans. Knowledge is power and no other company can offer such knowledge. Continuum’s vast data and analytics resources helps you make the right moves in a time of unprecedented change.