Continuum Analytics

Competitive Solutions for Capital Markets

Recent events in the mortgage industry have created new challenges for capital markets professionals. Continuum realizes that complete and accurate information on mortgage pools, with individual loan and property data, is essential to proper risk management. Traditional due diligence is not enough; professionals today need a well-capitalized, experienced and dedicated partner that is committed to thoroughly understanding your needs, transaction types and delivery standards.

Continuum delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions related to distressed mortgage portfolios and whole loan transactions. This serves a broad client base including:

  • * Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals
  • * Mortgage Servicers
  • * Mid-size Investors
  • * Real Estate Funds
  • * High Net Worth Individuals with Mortgage and Property Assets
  • * Private equity firms
  • * Banks
  • * Direct Marketing and Insurance Industries
  • * Distressed Portfolio Managers

Continuum’s solutions meet portfolio transparency needs, inspire investor confidence and deliver an integrated suite of products and services to buyers, sellers and investors of mortgages or related securities.